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Our Education Center


Dawah Project

Annur Educational Centre established the Dawah project, calling people to Islam, 2016 and by year 2017 the dawah program continued on daily bases.

Boys Hostel

Our vision is to have well educated competent and dynamic youth leaders from within the less fortunate communities.

Girls Hostel

An Nur Educational Center decided to establish a Girls Hostel in the year 2021. Most of the girls are the result of our door-to-door Dawah initiative.

Qurbani Project

Annually we follow the sunnah and slaughter +-200 sheep which we distribute to various communities across the Western Cape.

Ramadan Project

During the month of Ramadaan we offer iftaar to various Masajid and Salaah Ghaanas through the Cape flats area.

Adult Saturday Madrassah

For 10 years we have been conducting the Saturday Madrassah from our adult people from our community, where Quran, Tafseer, Ahadeeth, Seerah & Arabic.

Skills Development

This is located in Schaapkraal. The center likes to empower people, so we established a sewing class.

Helping the needy

Love your neighbor what you love for yourself, Annur Centre have seasonal project that helps to gift people with Shelter to the needy ones.

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About Us

An-Nur Education Center

An-Nur Educational Centre was established in 2001 and was registered as an NPO in the year 2006. We have 5 Islamic Centres: Gugulethu, Crossroads, Schaapkraal Boys Hostel Philippi, Gatesville girls Hostel and at the Main office in Gatesville.

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We hope that these programs will empower them with skills and aptitude to be dynamic leaders in their communities.

MISSION Our mission is the development of youth through holistic education, training and capacity building programs.
OBJECTIVE We firmly believe that through empowering individuals, we will restore their sense of self-worth and dignity.


solve the problems and reinvent charity for a new generation.

Quran Learning

An Nur Educational Centre specialize in teaching the Holy Quran. With our qualified teachers we will ...

Funeral Service

As we all know that giving our last respect to our diseased ones it is obligatory for us as Muslims, ...

Masjid Project

A Masjid is the heart and soul of the Muslim community. We aim to establish a hub for Islamic educat ...

Help Poor's

We aim to help and uplift the disadvantaged. We are committed to delivering Zakat to those who are e ...

Orphan sponsorship

All of our students are been kept at our hostels free of charge and we provide them 3 main daily mea ...

Boys & Girls Hostels

It is our mission is to develop youth through holistic education, training and capacity building pr ...

Qurbani Project

On Eid al-Adha yearly we prepare Qurabani where sheep and cows are slaughtered. We also invite our ...

Ramadan Project

During the month Ramadan we offer iftaar to various Masajid and Salaah Ghaana through the Cape flats ...

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Our Experts !!!

Islamic Scholars

Skilled teachers in the field in full Haafith (memorization of the Quran) school, to boys & girls, Islamic studies for Grades R – 12 as well as Arabic & Tafseer classes for Adults. We have Islamic Studies for New Muslims (reverts to Islam)


Sh Ahmed Kumalo

Gugulethu Da'wa Center responsible




Teaching students to read Quran with proper Tajweed Helping students memorize Surahs Developing a positive relationship with the students within the Islamic guidelines



Social Media Manager

Evaluate each student and create teaching strategies based on the individual’s pace Tracking progress of each child and maintaining records. Must be able to teach all ages (Preschool to 9th grade)

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